Sky Kings

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The Mountain T-shirts (100% Cotton) are T-shirts of very good quality. The basis of the... more
Product information "Sky Kings"

The Mountain T-shirts (100% Cotton) are T-shirts of very good quality.

The basis of the product is a hand coloured Tye Dye t-shirt. On these coloured shirts they create a screenpint with a very refined technique. The screenprint is so fine that the print is really IN the t-shirt and not lying on top of it. This makes that your print can never break or crack in your washingmachine.

The result is the perfect t-shirt which feels very natural and gives you years of wearing pleasure.

Sizing is considered to be a bit larger then usually (W=width in cm, L=length in cm).

S=45W65L M=50W70L L=55W75L XL=60W80L 2XL=63W82L 3XL=68W87L 4XL=71W90L 5XL=75W93L(100% Cotton)

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